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Vaccination in Västernorrland County

Boka tid för vaccination mot covid-19 Västernorrland - engelskaThe content concerns Västernorrland

Here you can find information and links to the units where you can book an appointment for vaccination against covid-19, influenza and pneumokockvaccination.

Vaccination units in Västernorrland County

Here we list the units where you can get vaccinated against covid-19, influenza and pneumokocker for each municipality. See more information at each unit or health care center.


Vaccination Härnösand, Närvården
(ground and extra vaccination dose)


Vaccination Kramfors
(ground and extra vaccination dose)


Vaccination Sollefteå
(ground and extra vaccination dose and pneumokocker and influenza)
Hälsocentralen Junsele

Hälsocentralen Ramsele


Vaccination Sundsvall, Birsta Cupolen 
(ground and extra vaccination dose)

Hälsocentralen Matfors

Hälsocentralen Stöde

Njurunda Vårdcentral


Vaccination Ånge, Medborgarhuset


Vaccination Örnsköldsvik, Gnistan 
(ground and extra vaccination dose)

Hälsocentralen Bjästa

Hälsocentralen Bredbyn

Hälsocentralen Husum

How to make a vaccination appointment

Digitally, via the vaccination pages

You can book an appointment for your vaccination against Covid-19, or with the help of a relative/friend, by clicking on the link to the unit where you want to be vaccinated under the heading "Vaccination units". You will not need an e-identification. It is important that 3 months have passed since you received dose
2, before you will be able to take dose 3.

Via the app "My Vaccine"

You can also download the app "My vaccine" for Android or Iphone iOS where apps are available. You log in with an e-identification to handle your booking. To use the app MittVaccin, the following requirements apply to the smartphone that
you are using:

  • Android 9 or later.
  • iOS 13 or later.

When you book, via the web or app:

  • You state the purpose of your visit. There is a
    special choice for you who are under the age
    of 18 years.
  • You who are under the age of 18 years need
    to state whether you have the consent of
    your custodial parent. You do mark it in the
    field “type of visit”.
  • The booking system will read your national
    registration number


If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number or have a reserve number

If you lack a personal identity number or have a reserve number (temporary medical number), you cannot make an appointment for vaccination online. Instead, call the telephone support directly, 0611-804 00, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

Allergic reaction

If you have previously had a severe allergic reaction and needed to seek
emergency care, you should contact your health/health care center before you
receive your vaccine against covid-19. You do this to get advice and an
assessment of whether you can take your vaccine dose at the regular vaccination
room or if you need an extended time of monitoring.
A severe allergic reaction usually occurs very quickly, within 30 minutes, after you
have been exposed to what you are allergic to.

The reactions can be for example:

  • respiratory distress
  • nausea and vomiting
  • strong palpitations
  • fainting
  • The reaction is then so severe that you seek care by calling 112.

The reaction is then so severe that one will have to seek care in an emergency room or go directly to your health/health care center.

Have you previously had a severe allergic reaction and had to seek emergency care? Then you should contact your health or medical center for advice before you book your appointment for vaccination. It is important that you are given an
assessment of how to receive your vaccine in a safely manner.

If the health center assesses that you can be vaccinated in the regular flow, you can book an appointment and answer”No” to the question in the health declarationom that you have had a severe allergic reaction.

If the health-care center comes to the conclusion that vaccination must take place with increased supervision, the health/health care center will submit a referral so that you will be vaccinated at one of the county's hospitals. You will then be called for vaccination.

Blood- thinning medicines

If you are taking blood-thinning medicines, see the information:

This applies to you who use medicines of the type:

Waran, Warfarin, Eliquis, Pradaxa, Lixiana, Xarelto, Fragmin, Inohep or Heparin. If you are taking other types of blood thinners you can be vaccinated regardless of when you take your medicine

If you use Waran or Warfarin:

  • If PK-INR is stable with control intervals longer than 4 weeks you can be vaccinated without special control.
  • If your control interval is shorter than four weeks, you must notify the AK clinic of the vaccination date for control of the PK-INR value in the same way as routine when planning for other procedures.
  • If you use Waran or Warfarin with other blood-thinning drugs such as platelet inhibitors (eg acetylsalicylic acid, clopidogrel, ticagrelor), notify the AK clinic of the date of vaccination to check the PK-INR value in the same way as routine planning for other procedures.

If you use Eliquis and Pradaxa:

  • Skip the morning dose of anticoagulant vaccination day and take the evening dose at least 2 hours after vaccination.

If you use Lixiana, Xarelto, Fragmin or Inohep:

  • Take the tablet / injection of anticoagulants 2 hours after vaccination.

Other blood-thinning medicine:

  • If you are taking other blood thinners such as platelet inhibitors such as acetylsalicylic acid, clopidogrel, ticagrelor but not in combination with Waran or Warfarin
  • Take the tablets as usual regardless of the time of vaccination.

Cancel your vaccination appointment

If you become ill, you will have to cancel your appointment, digitally, via the booking page for each vaccination unit or via the app "My vaccine"

  • Only cancel your appointment if you have to.
  • When you have canceled it, digitally, you will
    receive an SMS or message via e-mailconfirming your cancellation.
  • When you have recovered from your illness,
    you will have to make a new appointment.

More information about booking and canceling an appointment can be found on the page "How to get vaccinated against Covid-19"
The chapter is called "Important to rebook".


f you have difficulty booking digitally via booking pages or the app "My vaccine", you can contact Region Västernorrland's telephone operators to get help with your booking.
telephone: 0611-804 00, Monday-Friday from 08:00- 16:00

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