When you submit samples

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Certain samples are saved in biobanks

There are several occasions in medical care when you need to submit samples, such as blood or tissue samples. Samples can also be taken during medical check-ups offered by Region Västerbotten, such as gynaecological cytology examinations. After analysis, samples are sometimes stored in a “biobank”.

Samples are saved to provide patients with a safe level of care and treatment. A doctor making a diagnosis may need to compare a new sample with a previously stored sample. Biobanks are also needed for the training of medical staff, quality and development work and research.

Personal data and samples are safeguarded

The saved samples are stored in a way that no unauthorised person can access them. Personal data relating to the sample are noted in the patient records in a special register of samples. All personal data are protected by the Swedish Secrecy Act and the Swedish Patient Data Act.

You decide

Pursuant to the Swedish Biobanks in Medical Care Act, you must be asked, in conjunction with the sample being taken, whether you consent to the sample being stored. Staff are under an obligation to provide information on how the sample might be used, and you decide whether the sample may be stored and what it may be used for.

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