The Salut Programme - for children and young people's health

Salut-satsningen – för barn och ungas hälsa - engelskaThe content concerns Västerbotten

The Salut Programme, launched in Västerbotten 2005, is a health initiative for children and adolescents in line with the health authority’s vision to have the healthiest population in the world by 2020.

The aim is that all children 0-18 years are reached by health promotion interventions throughout childhood, starting with the becoming parents during pregnancy. Another aim is to increase knowledge of health and lifestyle among expectant parents, children and adolescents.

Ongoing interventions will be strengthened and new developed and introduced for different age groups in order to prevent ill-health (overweight, obesity and caries) and to promote safe and favorable conditions during childhood, healthy eating habits and increased physical activity.

Collaboration between antenatal and child health care, open preschool, preschool, primary and secondary school, student and youth health and dental services is the basis of the work.

A few examples below:

  • The parental support program International Child Development Programme during pregnancy and early parenthood.
  • Health questionnaires used as a base for a dialogue on health and lifestyle in early pregnancy at antenatal care.
  • A 3-year questionnaire used as a base for a dialogue about the child's development, health and living conditions at child health care.
  • Bodil crocodile toolkit, an educational tool to promote dental health in preschools and open preschools.
  • Health dialogue questionnaires used in school health services as the basis for a health dialogue with students about their health, lifestyle and life situation.

More information about the Salut Programme is found on Region Västerbotten's website.

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