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Book an appointment for your vaccination Värmland

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You need to book an appointment for your vaccination. You will be vaccinated at one of Region Värmland's vaccination centres. The vaccination is free of charge

Everyone in Värmland is being offered a vaccine. Those at risk of serious illness are being offered the vaccine first. Read more about when it's your turn at

Book an appointment for your vaccination

You can book your appointment for vaccination against Covid-19 via the website or by calling the appointments telephone line.

The number of appointments available is dependent on how many vaccines are available. 

You cannot book an appointment through your health centre or the 1177 health care advisory centre by telephone.

Book an appointment via the website

Log in to and search for "Regional vaccination unit Covid-19". To be able to log in, you need  either BankID or Freja eID Plus for online identification.

Book an appointment by calling

If you do not have online identification, you can call and book an appointment by telephone. Call Region Värmland's appointments telephone line for vaccination against Covid-19. The telephone number is 010-831 80 70.

Where you can receive your vaccination after booking an appointment

The vaccination centres are in:

  • Arvika
  • Charlottenberg
  • Filipstad
  • Hagfors
  • Karlstad
  • Kristinehamn
  • Likenäs
  • Sunne
  • Säffle
  • Torsby
  • Årjäng

Questions before the vaccination

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, call the appointments telephone line to make an appointment for vaccination, telephone number 010-831 80 70:

  • Have you ever needed hospital care after a vaccination?
  • Have you ever needed hospital care for allergic reactions?
  • Do you bleed easily due to illness or medicine?

You should not take any other vaccine one week before and one week after you have been vaccinated against covid-19.

If you are pregnant, do not get vaccinated.

Before your visit to the vaccination centre

  • Fill in a health declaration and bring it to the reception. The health declaration is available in different languages on the Swedish Public Health Agency's website.
  • Bring your ID.
  • Wear a short-sleeved garment so that you can be injected easily in your upper arm.
  • If you have a cold, rebook another appointment.
  • To avoid queues and congestion, do not arrive too early for your appointment.
  • Relatives who are not to be vaccinated must wait outside the premises unless you need special support.
  • When you receive your first dose of vaccine, you will be given a time for your next dose.

After you have been vaccinated, you must continue to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's advice to avoid the spread of infection.

More information about Covid-19 in different languages

If you need more information about Covid-19 in your language, you can:

  • Go to the website
  • Call telephone number 08-123 680 00.

 If you are ill, you should call the healthcare advisory service telephone number 1177.

How to book an appointment on the website

  1. Enter in the address field of your browser.
  2. Click on Logga in at the top right of the website .
  3. Click on Logga in.
  4. Select a log in method. You can log in with BankID, mobile BankID or Freja eID plus. Follow the instructions for the log in method you have selected.
  5. Under the heading Regionen rekommenderar, click on Regional vaccinationsenhet covid-19.
  6. Under the heading Våra e-tjänster, click on Boka tid för vaccination mot covid-19.
  7. Click on Fortsätt at the bottom right and answer the questions. The questions are in Swedish.
  8. Click on Boka tid.
  9. In the list, select the vaccination centre where you want to be vaccinated.
  10. Select the day and time in the calendar and follow the instructions. Be sure to complete the entire booking process.

When you have completed the booking, you will find your booked time in Inkorgen on the home page.

The questions you have to answer are a health declaration. It is available in other languages on the website 

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