If you are pregnant and have recently arrived from Ukraine

Om du är gravid och nyligen anlänt från Ukraina - engelskaThe content concerns Stockholms län

If you have arrived from Ukraine and are pregnant, you will be provided with the care you need throughout your pregnancy and when giving birth. Healthcare for mothers-to-be in Sweden is free of charge for those with residence permits, refugees or asylum seekers. You can apply for a residence permit with the Swedish Migration Agency,

Contact maternity health services (mödrahälsovården)

Anyone who is pregnant can have regular visits to see a midwife. This is to ensure that both you and the baby you are expecting are in the best possible health. You can choose for yourself which midwifery clinic to contact. Visit for contact details for all the county’s midwifery clinics.

Preparing to give birth

Your midwife will tell you all you need to know before you give birth. They will help you to decide which hospital you would like to give birth at. If you have not chosen a hospital by the time you are ready to give birth, you can call the hospital closest to you. They will tell you where to go so that you can give birth to your child in a safe and calm environment.

Call before you travel to hospital for delivery

When your labour begins, call the delivery suite at the hospital you have chosen for the birth. They will assess your situation and tell you when you should arrive. You will find their contact details on You can have someone with you to support you during the birth.

Contact a children’s healthcare centre

Once your baby has been born, you will need to contact a children’s healthcare centre (Barnavårdscentral, BVC). You can decide for yourself which BVC you want to go to. Healthcare for your baby is free of charge. At the BVC, your baby will be vaccinated, and you will get advice about breastfeeding and your baby’s health and development. If your baby is unwell and needs to be seen by a doctor, do not come to the BVC – call +46 771 11 77 00 or contact a healthcare centre.

After the birth

It is a good idea to contact your midwife at the midwifery clinic once you have had your baby. You will be able to visit your midwife after the birth of your child to talk about the birth, for example, and for certain examinations.

Vaccination against COVID-19

We recommend that you get vaccinated against COVID-19, even when you are pregnant. Vaccination is free of charge and is given to pregnant women in week 12 of their pregnancy.

The vaccine is not transferred to the foetus – it stays in the mother’s body, which develops antibodies. These antibodies are transferred to the baby, who will then be protected against COVID-19 for several months after birth. Getting vaccinated means that you are protecting yourself and your baby from becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID-19.

Your midwife can help you to arrange getting vaccinated against COVID-19. You can get vaccinated at a healthcare centre, a vaccination clinic or a vaccination bus. Vaccination is free of charge. Find out more about vaccination against COVID-19 at

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