The Sörmland health programme

Sörmlands hälsoprogram - engelskaThe content concerns Sörmland

Region Sörmland invites you who turn 40, 50 or 60 to participate in the Sörmland health programme, at no cost. The purpose of the programme is to improve health and prevent cardiovascular diseases and type 2 Diabetes. Many of our common diseases are linked to our lifestyle, such as the tobacco use, level of physical activity and eating habits. Early identification of risk factors is important, because an improved lifestyle or early treatment can significantly reduce the risk of falling ill.

Approximately 80 percent of all cardiovascular diseases and 90 percent of type 2 Diabetes can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that participating in health dialogues can improve health as well as prolong life.

The Sörmland Health programme is an important part in our goal to become Sweden’s healthiest county by 2025. By participating you gain a better understanding of your health and lifestyle. Even small changes can make big difference to your health. With every new healthy habit you adopt, your body will thank you!

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