Information about TBE vaccinations for children in Sörmland

Information om TBE-vaccination till barn i Sörmland - engelskaThe content concerns Sörmland

What is TBE?

TBE is an abbreviation of the English name of the disease: tick-borne encephalitis. (In Swedish, it is known as fästingburen hjärninflammation.)

How does TBE spread?

TBE is caused by a virus that is spread by tick-bites. Ticks are found in grass and bushes. Many animals (such as deer and voles) carry ticks. Infection occurs from March to November, when temperatures are above zero.

How common is TBE in Sörmland?

TBE is a rare disease, but it is much more common in the Sörmland, Uppsala and Stockholm regions than in the rest of the country, despite increasing rates of vaccination. In 2018, at least 40 cases of TBE were reported in Sörmland, although none of these affected children of preschool age.

What are the symptoms of TBE?

People can become infected with TBE without developing any symptoms at all. Children are usually affected less severely than adults. In a typical case, the person has a fever for a few days, followed by a few days when they feel a little better. After a further few days, the patient develops encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), resulting in headaches, fever and nausea, and sometimes even experiences problems talking or moving.

Who needs protecting from TBE?

Children and adults who often spend time in the natural environment in Sörmland, or in other parts of Sweden or Europe where there is a risk of TBE.

How do we protect ourselves from TBE?

The best form of protection from TBE is vaccination. Check your child’s body for ticks when he/she has been out in grassy areas. Remove ticks as quickly as possible.

Are there any side effects of the TBE vaccine?

The TBE vaccine is safe and has been given to many children throughout Europe for many years. The most common side effect is a pain in the arm after the injection. There are no known serious side effects.

Where can my child receive the vaccination, and how much does it cost?

In Sörmland, the TBE vaccine is free of charge for all children from the age of 3 years upwards, until the year of their 19th birthday. Vaccinations are available at healthcare centres (vårdcentraler) and at private vaccination clinics that work in cooperation with Region Sörmland.

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