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Vaccinations against COVID-­19 for those in Sörmland aged below 18 years

Vaccination mot covid-19 för dig som är under 18 i Sörmland - engelskaThe content concerns Sörmland

From week 32 onwards, vaccinations against COVID-­19 will be offered to those in Sörmland born in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Here you can read more about the vaccination process.

Before the vaccination

Wherever you go to get the vaccination, you must take with you a valid identification, a completed health declaration and a consent form, which must be signed by one of your parents/guardians.

If you have not received the health declaration or consent form in the post, you can download them here:

The exact details are still being planned, so please be aware that the services are subject to change.

The options vary due to the differing conditions in each municipality. In certain municipalities appointments must be booked in advance, whilst other municipalities offer a drop-in service. The number of people that can receive a vaccination at each drop-in event is restricted. Thank you for your understanding!

When you are invited to be vaccinated, you can decide where you wish to go to receive the vaccination.

It is not currently possible for those aged below 18 years to receive the vaccination in Oxelösund. If you live in Oxelösund, you are invited to receive the vaccination in Nyköping. We are exploring the possibility of being able to offer vaccinations to those aged below 18 in Oxelösund in the future.

Which vaccines will be used?

The vaccines currently approved for this age group in Sweden are the Pfizer vaccine (Comirnaty) and the Moderna vaccine (Spikevax). If other vaccines are approved and brought into use in Sörmland, this information will be updated.

Second dose

When you receive the first dose, you will be given information about how to arrange a time to receive the second dose.

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