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Om 1177 - engelska

1177 is the national hub for information and services within healthcare in Sweden. We offer healthcare advice, information, inspiration, and e-services. Accessible 24 hours a day, we are available on the web and by phone.

The web address is https://www.1177.se. The telephone number 1177 will let you talk to licenced nurses throughout the nation. 1177 is hosted and operated by Inera AB on behalf of regions and municipalities in Sweden who collectively are working together for a better national health.

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1177 by phone

1177 is a national telephone number for healthcare advice. Regardless of where you are geographically located in Sweden, 1177 is open to receive calls 24 hours a day. 1177 is manned by licensed nurses who will respond to calls to give advice, consult on the need for potential further care and give guidance to the appropriate healthcare clinic when needed. The nurses answer about 5 million calls a year.

Each of Sweden’s 21 regions operate its own healthcare consulting centre but are collectively part of the Swedish national healthcare network and they comply to common guidelines.

Read more about 1177 by phone. The information is in Swedish.

1177 on the web

1177 can be found at www.1177.se where knowledge and services about healthcare topics are gathered. At the website we provide comprehensive information and knowledge concerning diseases, treatments, rules, and rights. You will also find extensive information about where to find healthcare clinics, available e-services and how to contact healthcare providers.

The website offers both quality-assured and user-friendly information as well as services that facilitate each individual’s own and relative’s contacts with the Swedish healthcare. The obejctive for the national content at www.1177.se is to promote health, increase public knowledge and strengthen the patient's position. Healthcare and pharmacy workers, schools, media, and libraries also benefit from the website as a resource in their day-to-day work.

When visiting www.1177.se, the website automatically adopts based on where you live and provide you with localized news, information and links to the e-services that are relevant in your specific region. However, you can also choose another region and take part in their care offer.

Read more about 1177 on the web. The information is in Swedish.

How healthcare providers are presented on 1177 

At inera.se, there is information in Swedish about how healthcare providers are presented at 1177.se. You can also find manuals and instructions on how contact information should be inserted to become searchable and displayed correctly.

Personal e-services

To get in contact with healthcare providers and to read your personal information concerning your previous healthcare contact in a safe way, just login to your personal account on www.1177.se. Once logged in you are offered a multitude of services. As an example, you can book doctor’s appointments, renew prescriptions and read your medical records.

Exactly what services that are available and what information you can access depends on which geographical region you live in, where you have used healthcare providers and what type of provider you want to contact.

Read more about the 1177 e-services. The information is in Swedish.

E-services in dental care

In some regions you can also use the e-services on 1177.se to book, cancel or change an appointment for dental care. The National Dental Service's website contains links to the dental clinics and e-services.

Link to the website for the Swedish Public Dental Care. the information is in Swedish.

The app for 1177

The app consists of a shortcut to 1177.se, a call-button that connect you to the telephone number 1177 and a shortcut to login and use e-services on 1177.se. To be able to log in to 1177.se through the app, you need to use a mobile Bank-ID.

You can also add pages from 1177.se that you want to access quickly as favourites, create shortcuts to healthcare providers that you visit often or to the e-services that you use often.

The app is continuously improved and developed.

You can download the app where you normally find apps to download.

1177 collaborates with the Public Health Agency of Sweden on health analyses

To be able to predict and manage, for example, an influenza epidemic in the best possible way, the healthcare system needs to quickly receive signals about the extent of a certain issue and how wide the spread of an infection is.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has a national responsibility for public health issues and works to ensure good public health.

The agency also works to ensure that the population is protected against communicable diseases and other health threats. They analyse data from visits to healthcare providers and they also access deidentified information from 1177.

By supplementing its monitoring with analyses of calls to 1177 and pages visited on 1177.se, the Public Health Agency of Sweden collect important information about symptoms that can be linked to an epidemic. In this way, they can geographically assess the location of an infection.

The analyses are always based on deidentified search data and statistics from both the telephone number 1177 and visits to 1177.se. No individual can be identified based on the information gathered.

Read more about the collaboration on the Public Health Agency of Sweden's website. The information is in Swedish.

Contact Us

1177 is provided by Inera AB on behalf of the 21 regions in Sweden. The business is run without commercial interests, which is why advertising and sponsorship is prohibited.

Postal address:


Box 17703

118 93 Stockholm

Visiting address:

Tjärhovsgatan 21 B

Comments or questions

Do you have comments on or questions about the content of the website? Contact the editors, the form is in Swedish.

E-mail addresses for employees at Healthcare guide 1177 are structured according to the principle firstname.lastname@inera.se


For press issues at a national basis concerning 1177, please contact the press function (staffed office hours): 46-72-450 01 45 or press@inera.se.

You can find more information for the press and media here. The information is in Swedish,

Please feel free to visit the national 1177 press room. The information is in Swedish.

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