Internet within Region Skåne's hospital areas

Internet på Region Skånes sjukhusområden - engelskaThe content concerns Skåne

At Region Skåne hospitals both patients and visitors are free to use Region Skåne's wireless internet in hospital areas where available.

Get started

To be able to connect to internet, your computer needs to be equipped with a wireless network card (Wi-Fi). You will also be able to connect your smartphone or eReader. In the list of wireless networks which is nearby, the network “Region Skane Publikt” should be visible. Choose to connect to “Region Skane Publikt”. If the network “Region Skane Publikt” is not visible despite updating the network list, the network is not accessible. It might be due to lack of coverage where you are or a technical error.

Sign in

  • Open the computers internet browser (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari).
  • A page for login appears. Approve the terms of service and press ok.


Safety and responsibility

When using the hospitals internet it is important that you follow the healthcare professional’s instructions for your own safety and to make sure that you do not disturb medical equipment or cause any other disruptions.

The use of internet connection and your own device must be taken care of and provided by yourself. Healthcare staff cannot help you with support regarding accessing Region Skåne´s wireless internet.

Report an error/support

Need help?

Call support: 0900-205 25 50

Cost: 19,90 SEK/minute (Including VAT)

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