Information about healthcare in Skåne and covid-19

Det här gäller för sjukvården i Skåne i och med covid-19 - engelskaThe content concerns Skåne

Here you can learn more about healthcare in Skåne in light of the new coronavirus covid-19.

Stay at home if you are ill

Do you feel ill? Then you should stay at home so that you do not infect anyone else. Stay at home even if you just feel a little ill.

Covid-19 is like a flu. You can get a fever, cough, and a sore throat. But most people will not get seriously ill and do not need to contact the healthcare services.

You can always visit the Public Health Agency's (Folkhälsomyndigheten) website. It has tips on what you can do to avoid being infected and avoid infecting others. The tips are available in several languages.

Information in different languages on the Public Health Agency's website

Contact the healthcare services if you feel very ill

Do you feel very ill? Then call your local health centre (vårdcentral) or 1177. 

You must book an appointment to see the healthcare services

Do you need healthcare? Or are you having samples taken, for example at your health centre? Then you first need to contact the health centre and book an appointment. Most health centres no longer accept drop-in visits.

You do not need to pay if you cancel an appointment

Have you made an appointment and now have a cold? Or do you have a fever, cough, or sore throat? Then you need to cancel your appointment. You do not need to pay, no matter when you cancel the appointment.

Not everyone can be tested for covid-19

Not everyone who is ill can be tested for covid-19.

You can be tested for covid-19 in the following cases:

  • If you become ill and must be admitted to hospital for care.
  • You are elderly and ill, and live in a retirement home.

No one else will be tested right now. This is the case even if you have been abroad or met someone with covid-19. 

You cannot accompany or visit someone receiving care

You cannot come with someone visiting the healthcare services. You also cannot visit someone who is admitted to hospital. All hospitals have banned visitors so that patients and staff are not infected with covid-19. The staff decides if they can make any exceptions.

Parents without fever, cough or sore throats may accompany their children to visits with the healthcare services. Parents can also be with the children if they are admitted to hospital. 

If you are pregnant in Skåne

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