Learn how to manage your anxiety concerning Covid-19

Lär dig hantera oro vid covid-19 - engelskaThe content concerns Skåne

Covid-19 has affected many people’s lives. Some people feel worried and scared. Others have difficulty sleeping or concentrating. But help is available. For instance, through an online self-help program.

Seek care if you feel very unwell or anxious

Are you feeling very anxious? You may need other people’s support. Call your health care centre to get help. You can also call 1177 for advice.

You can learn how to manage mild anxiety yourself

Are you feeling just a little anxious? You can learn how to manage your anxiety yourself. Register free of charge with an online self-help program. You need to be at least 18 years of age and live in Skåne to register.

You will need to answer questions about how you are feeling. You will also be given advice about what you can do yourself to feel better. The program includes text, videos, illustrations and exercises, which you do yourself.

This is what you learn:

  • You learn more about anxiety.
  • You learn how to solve problems, to make you feel less worried.
  • You learn how to stop bad behaviour.
  • You learn how to stop thinking about things that worry you.
  • You learn how important it is to have good routines.

You don’t need to complete the whole program all at once. You can continue whenever you like and wherever you like. At the end of the program, you will get a summary of what you have learned. You can then continue to manage your anxiety yourself.

The program has been created by researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

What to do to start the program

  1. Log into 1177.se.
  2. Select Alla övriga tjänster under the heading Övriga tjänster.
  3. Click on Stöd och behandling under the heading Få stöd och behandling.
  4. Click on Region Skåne under Tillgängliga stöd- och behandlingsprogram.
  5. Click on the program Managing Anxiety about Covid-19.
  6. Click on Vårdcentralen Laxen. This takes you to a page where you can start the program. 

Have you started the program but want to continue later? You can go straight to the program on the start page once you have logged into 1177.se. The program can be found under the heading Dina pågående stöd- och behandlingsprogram.

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