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Comb the hair using a lice comb. Wipe the comb on some white paper, so you can see the lice more clearly. If you have lice, your scalp will normally be very itchy, but you can have lice without any itching. Lice combs are a good tool to help you find lice, to track the infestation, to check how effective the treatment is and to damage the lice and their eggs.

Lice are normally spread through head-to-head contact. The best way of preventing an outbreak is to fine-comb the hair of your children and treat the lice before school starts.

Lice are transparent, and grey, brown or dark red in colour. They can be 2-3 mm long.

If you find lice or lice eggs, first try using oils that contain Dimetikon (a medical product). Follow the instructions on the package. Make sure any medical products have the CE mark.
If the medical products do not help, you have treat the lice with over-the-counter treatments that contain benzyl benzoate and disulfiram. Follow the instructions on the package.

Check the rest of the family or school group if you have found lice, by using a lice comb every day for two weeks.

If the lice do not disappear, contact child healthcare services, the school nurse or the health centre.

You can always call 1177 for advice.

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