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Regler och rättigheter - engelska

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Getting ready for a medical appointment – a 10-point checklistFörbered ditt läkarbesök – tio tips - engelska

If you prepare properly, you can fully participate in the care you receive and cooperate with caregivers to set up the plan that works best for you. Open, clear communication between you and caregivers is the foundation of safe, secure care.

New medical evaluation, second opinionNy medicinsk bedömning, second opinion - engelska

If you are facing a difficult medical decision as the result of a diagnosis that you have received from a doctor, you may be entitled to a new medical evaluation, a second opinion, from another doctor. The purpose of a new medical evaluation is to make sure that you will be obtaining the care and treatment that is most suitable for you.

Patient ActPatientlagen - engelska

The purpose of the Patient Act is to protect your rights and interests as a patient. The law states that you are to be informed about your illness and the kinds of treatment that are available. You have the right to participate in all decisions about the care you will be receiving. You must also be told where you can obtain the care that you need.

ReferralsRemiss - engelska

You may need to receive care at a clinic other than the one you normally go to. The new clinic might require you to obtain a referral first.

Interpretation into my languageTolkning till mitt språk - engelska

You can get help from an interpreter if you do not speak Swedish. The interpreter will help you by translating what is said when you visit healthcare or dental services.

Professional secrecy and confidentialityTystnadsplikt och sekretess - engelska

When turning to the Swedish health care system, it is important to feel confident in the healthcare professionals you meet. This confidence is crucial for feeling safe and having the courage to openly talk about ailments and symptoms in order to receive the treatment you need.

Choosing a clinicVälja vårdmottagning - engelska

You have the right to use the health centre or clinic of your choice when you need outpatient care. You can obtain outpatient care wherever you like in Sweden.

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