Circumcision of boys

Circumcision of boys

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Cirsumcision of boys - information for parents

The Swedish Act on Circumcision of boys on Non-Medical Grounds The Act (2001:499) states that circumcision of boys may only be performed by a registered medical practiotioner or by a person specially licensed by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen).

Anyone else who performs a circumcision may be liable to a critical penalty. Before performing the circumcision, the doctor must provide the parents with infomation about what the procedure involves. If the boy has two parents, both must wish for the circumcision to be performed. The doctor must also try to ascertain the boy`s views and wishes if the boy is old anf mature to be able to express these. A boy may not be circumcised if he shows that he does not wish to be.

We recommend delaying the procedure until the child is old enough to make his own decision. The boy must be given pain relief. Conditions must be just as clean as for other oeprations, and the same rules will apply.

Region Kronoberg has decided that the public healthcare services will not perform circumcisions of boys on cultural or religious grounds. Under the Swedish Patient Act, you are free seek another healthcare-provider. Information on this (in Swedish or English) is available from the health care information line (Vårdlots): Tel 0470 58 70 70.

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