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Vaccination against COVID-19 in Kronoberg

Vem kan vaccinera sig i Kronoberg just nu? - engelskaThe content concerns Kronoberg

11 October: Here you can read about how to get vaccinated. If you have not yet reached the age of 18 years, your parents/guardians must sign a consent form. Vaccination is both voluntary and free of charge. Vaccinations are offered from turning 12 years of age.

You who are 12-18-years-old

To make an appointment to receive your vaccination, you need to have the facilities to log in. NB! it is the person who will be vaccinated who needs to log in using their personal code number (personnummer) or digital ID. Parents are not to use their log in since that will cause an error in the medical records.

To log in to you need a Swedish personal code number (personnummer) and a digital ID, through Band-id, Freja e-id plus or Telia e-legitimation. This is how you log in at

Consent from legal guardian is required

From turning 12 years of age until the day you turn 18, you need your legal guardian/-s consent to receive your vaccination. A consent form is sent to all families with children ranging from 12-18 years of age. Both legal guardians need to sign the consent form unless only one parent or other person holds the legal guardianship. In that case one signature is required. The signed consent form and the health declaration, which has been posted to you in advance, are both to be brought to the appointment for vaccination.

Consent form for printing
Health declaration form for printing

Maturity assessment

If you want to receive your vaccination without your legal guardians’ consent, you may do so in some cases. Your level of maturity is assessed by the local youth clinic (Ungdomsmottagningen) to make sure that you are able to make the decision on your own. You need to be 15 years old to go through a maturity assessment. The appointment is digital and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Make an appointment for a maturity assessment

You can contact the youth clinic (Ungdomsmottagningen) to make your appointment for a maturity assessment. You can call them on the phone or make your appointment via the app Min vård Kronoberg (you will need Bank-id or Freja e-id plus to log in).

Ungdomsmottagningen in Växjö – page in Swedish

Ungdomsmottagningen in Ljungby – page in Swedish

A third dose vaccine to for certain groups

The following groups are recommended to top up their vaccine with a third dose:

  • You who are living at a Special Accommodation for the Elderly. The vaccination is carried out at the facility.
  • You who are who has Home Care Service or Home health Care conceded by the municipality.
  • You who are born in 1956 or earlier.

Six months need to have passed since you received your second done of vaccine. If you are unsure about when you received the vaccine last, you can find that information in your medical records at, at the web page or by phoning Region Kronoberg at 0470-58 60 00.

You who are born in 1956 or earlier can make an appointment for your third done at any of the vaccination locations in the region, or visit your chosen location during drop-in hours. If you need assistance in making your appointment call Region Kronoberg at 0470-58 60 00.

At the vaccination location you are required to account for which vaccine you previously received and when the last vaccination was administered through your Covid Certificate or a printed copy of your medical record.

You may also receive your third dose connected to the annual influenza vaccinations, which begin on November 9. When you make your appointment for the influenza vaccination, you need to make it known that you would like a third dose of the covid vaccine as well. The vaccination will be carried out at your chosen Health Centre, where they have the information about your last covid vaccination.

If you are born after 1956 and have Home Care Service or Home health Care, your municipality will give you information about your vaccination.

Transportation service free of charge to and from the vaccination location

If you have access to transportation service, or is 85-years old or more, and do not have the opportunity to arrange for alternative transport, you can book transport free of charge through Region Kronoberg. Carpooling may occur.

Begin by making your appointment for your vaccination. Book your transport by phone at 0470-58 85 60, weekdays 7am -7pm. The transport can be booked at the earliest 14 days before your appointment, and at the latest at 12 noon the day before your vaccination appointment.

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