Regional guidelines and restrictions in Kalmar County

Regional guidelines and restrictions in Kalmar County - engelskaThe content concerns Kalmar län

From the 10 of november until the 8 of december, everyone staying in Kalmar County is requested to:

  • If possible, avoid social contacts with people other than those you live with. This also means that you should avoid organising or participating in parties and other private social events.

    These restrictions do not apply to necessary contacts, such as medical appointments or examinations. However, it is essential to keep in mind, that anyone with symptoms that may indicate COVID-19, should avoid all contacts with other people.
  • Avoid indoor public spaces such as shops, shopping centres, museums, libraries, swimming pools and gyms. However, calls that are necessary, for example to grocery stores and pharmacies, can still be made.
  • Avoid participating in events such as meetings, concerts, performances, and any form of sporting events. This does not apply to sporting events for children and adolescents born in 2005 or later.

These regional guidelines and restrictions are in order to prevent the spread of covid-19.

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