12-year chat at Högsby Health Centre

12-års snack på Högsby hälsocentral - engelskaThe content concerns Kalmar län

For new teenagers or their parents seeking support, Barn- och ungdomshälsan now offers a 12-year chat at Högsby Health Centre.

Becoming a teenager or the parent of a teenager can be very enjoyable, but we also know that this stage of life brings many changes, both for teenagers and in parenting. You may feel stress, anxiety or sadness and it can be hard to know what is normal. Issues you may need to talk about can include relationships, sleep, stress and screen time.

We want to make it possible for you to talk to us about these or any other concerns. That's why we're inviting parent(s) and 12-year-olds to a conversation we call the 12-year chat.

How does the conversation work?

You meet with us (Barn- och ungdomshälsan) for a consultation of about 45 minutes. The chat takes place either at Högsby Health Centre or digitally via 1177.se.

How to book an appointment

Make an appointment by logging into 1177 Vårdguidens e-services, on the parent's account.

  1. Go to 1177.se
  2. Select "Logga in"
  3. Log in with your e-ID
  4. Click on the child's name under the heading “Act as representative” (Agera ombud)
  5. Select "Find and add” (Hitta och lägg till) under the heading Clinics (Mottagningar)
  6. Search for Paediatrics Västervik (Barn- och ungdomshälsan Västervik)
  7. Select: Book an appointment (boka tid)
  8. Choose the “12-year chat” (12-årssnack) appointment type, and book a time for a talk
  9. Don't forget to confirm your time


If you have any questions, please contact us at bou@regionkalmar.se.

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