Mental health


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Stress affects many parts of the body and can take different forms for different people. You can have difficulty falling asleep in the evenings and be tired in the mornings.

Situations that cause stress do not always have to be negative. You may, for example, feel stressed by entering a competitive event, organising a large party or giving a lecture or talk. In these situations, stress can provide the extra energy needed to get through the task.

A situation that might seem stressful to one person can be perceived as pleasant by another. How you react to a situation depends on various things, for example your previous life experience and what sort of person you are. But there are some things that a lot of people consider stressful. For instance, many people feel a great deal of pressure when they have too much to do at work or in school. Some people may also experience stress in their private life with family and friends because of social demands that feel hard to live up to. Demanding situations that you have little control over and which you have to deal with alone are most stressful. It is also possible to become stressed by not having enough meaningful tasks or challenges in your life. Stress can develop, for example, in the event of long-term unemployment, when the balance between activity and rest is also disrupted.

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