How to get dental care

Tandvård - så fungerar det - engelskaThe content concerns Jönköpings län
Person på en tandläkarmottagning.

How it works

In Sweden general dental care is not covered in the same way as other medical treatments. That means you have to pay a higher proportion of your dental check-ups and treatments yourself.

What the dental treatment will cost you depends on what insurance you have. Different rules apply depending on which country you come from. Read more about insurances and what it covers at The Student healthcare at Jönköping University's webpage

Public and private dentists (tandläkare) offer general dental care for children and adults.

In case of emergency dental problems, call your dental clinic.

In case of emergency serious jaw and dentaldamage, evenings, nights and weekends call 1177.

Dental clinics close to Jönköping University

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