Giving birth in Värnamo

Att föda barn i Värnamo - engelskaThe content concerns Jönköpings län

This is giving birth in Värnamo, one of three delivery wards in Jönköping County.

How does it work? - Hur går det till?

The three delivery wards in the county work closely together to ensure safe and effective care for expectant parents and babies. You will usually give birth in the hospital closest to your home.

Before you go to the hospital, always call ahead to the delivery ward to consult a midwife with access to the maternity records who will prepare for your arrival. If there are many births at the same time in your closest hospital, you will be welcomed to one of the other two hospitals – Eksjö or county hospital Ryhov in Jönköping. 

When you arrive to the delivery ward, your care needs will be assessed by a midwife, and sometimes a doctor. 

We try to accommodate you and your partner during the birth by giving you individual care. We want to create a safe environment to help you relax, since this has a great impact on the delivery. Every birth is unique, and every labour process feels different. The midwife and the assistant nurse will support you and your partner during the labour by being present and providing support and information for you to feel safe.

In the day, you usually come to the delivery ward via the hospital’s south parking lot, which is free of charge. Between 20:00 and 06:00, you enter the delivery ward through the emergency ward.

You need to bring:

  • a breastfeeding plan (which you receive from the maternity care)
  • ID (driver’s licence, passport or similar)
  • toiletries
  • slippers

If you are coming from another county, you also need to bring your maternity care records.

Food and drink - Mat och dryck

You will be provided with food and drink, while your partner needs to bring their own or buy it at the delivery ward.

During the day, you can eat in the hospital’s cafeteria or canteen. You can also order lunch or dinner. There is a refrigerator, freezer and microwave oven at the delivery ward if you want to bring your own food and drink. You can buy coffee, tea and hot chocolate at the delivery ward.

Postnatal ward - På BB-avdelningen

Following the birth, we will take you to the postnatal ward. There you will receive help and advice on breastfeeding, sleep, infant care, the first time at home with the baby and your new role as a parent. If there is space on the ward, your partner can stay with you for the first night.

The time you spend in the postnatal ward depends on your need for care, but after a normal delivery you will stay for 6–48 hours. After you come home, you stay in contact with the postnatal ward via telephone until the check-up 3–5 days after the delivery.

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