Giving birth in Eksjö

Att föda barn i Eksjö - engelskaThe content concerns Jönköpings län

This is giving birth in Eksjö, one of three delivery wards in Jönköping County.

How does it work? - Hur går det till?

You will usually give birth at the hospital closest to your home. The three delivery wards in the county work closely together to ensure safe and effective care for expectant parents and babies. 

If there are many births at the same time in your closest hospital, you will be welcomed to one of the other two hospitals – county hospital Ryhov in Jönköping, or Värnamo hospital. Before you go to the hospital, always call ahead to the delivery ward to consult a midwife with access to the maternity records who will prepare for your arrival.

When you arrive to the delivery ward a midwife, and sometimes a doctor, will assess your care. Even if the assessment can take a while, your safety is always our top priority.

Getting to the delivery ward

The easiest way to get to the delivery ward is the entrance on Tallvägen. The entrance is open 06:00–21:00. Outside of these hours, you need to use the intercom. The delivery ward is located on floor 4 of building 11.

There are parking spaces near the entrance. During the day, you can only park here for four hours. You can park for 24 hours in the Stocknäs parking space.

What should I bring?

You need to bring the documents you have been given by your maternity care provider, identification, toiletries and clothes for both mother and baby.

The person giving birth will be provided food and drink. Accompanying partners are referred to the hospital cafeteria Linnean or the staff canteen during the day. You can also bring your own food and drink. There is a refrigerator and microwave oven on the ward.

Parent information in the Högland hospital auditorium - Föräldrainformation i aulan på Höglandssjukhuset

The information meeting is open to all expectant parents and their families. You will receive information on:

  • how to prepare in the best way
  • what will happen once the delivery begins
  • what will happen when you arrive to the delivery ward
  • the time in the postnatal ward and breastfeeding 

Postnatal home care - BB hemvård

The time you spend in the postnatal ward depends on your need for care, but after a normal delivery, you will stay for 6–48 hours. A paediatrician must examine the baby before you go home.

The day after, the midwife will call from the postnatal ward to check that everything is well. After around four days, you will come back for the baby to be examined a second time.

At the postnatal ward - BB

The postnatal ward has single rooms and shared rooms. The room and bed you are given depends on factors such as the number of people admitted to the ward at the same time, your care needs after the birth etc. You will be offered your own room if one is available. 

If there is space, your partner can spend the night in the ward. If it is not possible, your partner is welcome to participate in the care of the child during the day. Due to the risk of infection, siblings are not allowed in the delivery and postnatal wards. 

24 hours of care costs SEK 100 for the mother and the same amount for a partner who stays the night. You pay through an invoice that is sent to your home address afterwards.

Visits to the postnatal ward - Besök på BB

Partners/co-parents of the newborn are welcome to visit any time, if you do not have a cold or other infectious disease.

Siblings and other visitors have to wait until you come home.

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