Collective information about COVID-19

Getting tested for COVID-19

Lämna prov för covid-19 - engelska

Most people do not need to get tested if they have symptoms that could be COVID-19. But some do. You need to get tested if you work in healthcare or elderly care, live in a nursing home, or receive home care services.

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Read more about the disease in the text called COVID-19.

When should I get tested?

You may need to get tested if you have symptoms that could be due to COVID-19. You should do this even if you have been vaccinated.

You need to get tested if any of the following are true:

  • You work in healthcare, medical care or elderly care.
  • You live in a nursing home or receive home care services.
  • A doctor or nurse asks you to get tested.

You can get COVID-19 more than once. But you usually do not have to get tested if you have had COVID-19 at any time in the last three months.

Getting tested

The most common test is called a PCR test.

The sample for the test can be collected by any healthcare professional. Sometimes, you can collect the sample and test yourself. If this is the case, you will get more information about what you need to do.

Stay home until you get your results

It is important that you stay home until you get your test results.


If you are to submit a test for covid-19 you receive your self-test either from your work or through your contact with the health care or elderly care. If you have not received a self-test, you can pick it up at a designated place in each city (kommun) in Halland.

Boxes for submitting tests are available at about 50 locations in Halland - outside all health centers' main clinics. You can leave the self-test in whichever box you want.

This is how self-testing works

  1. First you must register your self-test. Scan the unique QR-code on the instructions that comes with your test.
  2. Do the testing on yourself, follow the instructions.
  3. Put the sample in the little plastic bag and then put it in the small hole of the black box.

This is how you get your test results

You will receive an answer within a few days via 1177 Vårdguiden’s e-services. Stay at home while you wait for your test result. If you feel worse call 1177 for advice or contact your healthcare centre (vårdcentral). In the case of acute illness call 112.

For those of you who do not have a Swedish social security number or e-identification

If you do not have a Swedish social security number, e-identification or for some other reason can not register a self-test via, you can contact a healthcare centre for help. You must have a valid ID document with you. 

Healthcare centres (vårdcentral)


Antigen test – rapid test

There are other tests, such as antigen tests. These are also called rapid tests, and can be purchased at a pharmacy.

You do not have to buy an antigen test if you do not want to.

How testing works

A sample is taken with a special swab in your nose, your throat or both.

It may feel strange, but it does not hurt.

How long should I stay home?

Stay home if you feel sick, even if your test results show that you do not have COVID-19. Stay home until you are feeling healthy again.

If you have COVID-19

If the PCR test results show that you have COVID-19, stay at home until you are no longer contagious. You are no longer contagious when all of the following apply:

  • You are feeling a lot better.
  • You have been fever-free for two days.
  • At least seven days have passed since you became ill.

You do not need a new test to find out whether you are still contagious.

Read more in the text called Advice if you have COVID-19.

More information about COVID-19

Call 08-123 680 00 if you have any questions about COVID-19 and want to talk to someone who speaks English. The phone line is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 15:00.

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