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Even if you are feeling perfectly healthy, you can become seriously ill due to complications from an influenza infection. The vaccine gives you a good level of protection, and if you become infected, you will have less severe symptoms than you would have without the vaccine.

People who are offered free vaccination against seasonal flu:

  • People 65 years and older.
  • Pregnant women after week 12 of pregnancy.
    • Pregnant women who are not in any other risk group are recommended for vaccination after week 12 of pregnancy. Pregnant women who are also in another risk group are recommended for vaccination even before week 12.
  • Adults and children over 6 months of age with certain diseases = medically-defined risk groups
    • chronic heart disease
    • chronic lung disease, such as COPD and severe/instable asthma
    • other conditions leading to decreased lung function, or worsened coughing and stagnation of secretion (for example, extreme obesity, neuromuscular diseases or multifunctional disabilities.)
    • chronic liver- or kidney failure
    • diabetes mellitus, 1 and 2
    • conditions involving a severely-impaired immune system due to illness or treatment.
  • Household contacts as well as nursing staff for people with reduced infection defence (e.g. persons with stem cell transplants, persons with acute leukaemia) should also be offered free vaccination.
  • Healthcare personnel in Region Gävleborg with patient-centered work with increased risk of influenza.
  • All personnel in Region Gävleborg as from 21 November.
  • From 5 December onwards, others can be offered vaccination against influenza.

If you are unsure of whether you have the right to free vaccination, you may contact your care provider or vaccination clinic. 

Where can I get vaccinated? 

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