Welcome to a dialogue about your health - An invitiation to all 40-year-olds

Hälsosamtal till dig som är 40 år - Gävleborg - andra språk - engelskaThe content concerns Gävleborg

Region Gävleborg invites everyone to come to a health dialogue when they turn 40. This is a chance for you to discuss your health and your lifestyle with us. The discussion is free of charge and takes about 60 minutes.

During the health dialogue, you will be given a personal profile, to help you assess your circumstances and opportunities for good health, and to decrease the risk of future illness.

Common health conditions such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes can develop silently over years, without noticeable symptoms. These illnesses have many common causes, which can depend on our lifestyle choices. Therefore it is often possible to affect and greatly reduce the risk of illness by living a healthy lifestyle.

During the health dialogue, you get:

  • to check your blood pressure
  • to check your blood sugar level
  • to measure height, weight and waist
  • personalized advice about your lifestyle
  • a personal profile of health factors and how they affect your health

Before your visit:

  • please fill out the attached health dialogue survey, and take it with you to the health dialogue
  • please inform the Health Center if you need an interpreter
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