Collective information about COVID-19

You are welcome to vaccinate yourself against Covid-19!

Välkommen att vaccinera dig mot covid-19! - engelskaThe content concerns Gävleborg

Covid-19 is a very serious disease that has so far caused about 4.5 million deaths worldwide. About 15,000 people have died from the disease in Sweden. Covid-19 can also severely affect young people, and lead to medical problems long after the disease has passed.

Vaccination is the best and safest way to protect both yourself and your fellow human beings from Covid-19. You also help the health sector to be able to take care of all the patients who have had to wait for further care during the pandemic, and you contribute to society being able to function as usual.

The vaccines that are approved in Sweden provide good protection against the disease. Getting sick with Covid-19 means a far greater risk to your health than taking a vaccine.

There are many rumours about the vaccines that fight Covid-19. For example, that they would affect the possibility of having children, or that they contain dangerous substances that are concealed. These and many other similar claims are unfounded.

Three ways to vaccinate:

  • Book vaccination via If you do not speak Swedish, ask someone for help to book.
  • Call 026-15 03 00 to book an appointment in Swedish or English, or ask someone to call for you.
  • Walk-in vaccination site without an appointment. Then you do not need to book an appointment. Information about Walk-in vaccination sites is available at If you do not speak Swedish, you can ask your local clinic about the date and time for the nearest walk-in vaccination.
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