Collective information about COVID-19

Forbidden to visit the hospital and healthcare centers in Blekinge

Restriktioner och besöksförbud för dig som söker vård i Blekinge - engelskaThe content concerns Blekinge

Because of the coronavirus (covid-19) it is, as of now, forbidden to visit the nursing departments at the hospital of Blekinge (Blekingesjukhuset), healthcare centers and the psychiatry department.

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This means that it is not possible to visit friends or relatives that are admitted to the hospital.

The decision is implemented until further notice. You may have permission to visit a patient if there is a particular reason for visiting them. Then you may contact the nursing department that the patient is admitted to.

If you are sick and have fever or cough

Due to the coronavirus, we are currently unable to offer in-person visits at healthcare centers in Blekinge. If you are sick and have a fever or cough, we kindly ask you to call the health center prior your visit.

Is it allowed to accompany a relative or friend to a clinic?

Only a person who does not carry a disease that is contagious may accompany someone who is seeking care at our clinics. If the person who is seeking care is a child, then two legal guardians may accompany the child if none of them carries a disease that is contagious.

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