Vaccinläget för covid-19 i Stockholms län vecka 15

16 april: Nu är det även möjligt för dig som är född 1956 och tidigare att boka vaccination för covid-19. Läs om hur du bokar här.


Please book an appointment for your vaccination against Covid-19

Innehållet gäller Stockholms län

You belong to a priority group that is now being invited to book a vaccination against Covid-19. The vaccination is offered free of charge. If you have previously been invited and you chose to wait, it is now possible to book an appointment.

Please contact your health centre just as when you normally book an appointment.

Not everyone will be offered the vaccination at the same time. The health centres book and vaccinate as many and as quickly as supplies of the vaccine allow.

What do you do?

  • Contact your health centre just as you normally do. Either by telephone, or you may book an appointment through the health centre app on the web or with another digital contact method offered by your health centre. Contact information for your health centre is available on, please click on ”Find centre” or call 1177. It is not possible to book a vaccination by calling 1177.
  • If you are unsure which health centre you are registered at, you can log on to with BankID or log on the app 1177 Vårdguiden. You can also call 1177.
  • If you are not registered at any health centre in Stockholm County, you may contact any health centre in the county to book a vaccination.
  • Please complete the statement of health and bring it with you for your vaccination appointment.

Your right to patient transport in connection with the vaccination

Region Stockholm offers patient transport for people aged 70 years and older and for people in other risk groups in connection with their vaccinations against Covid-19.

You have received this letter because you were born in 1941 or earlier, and you live in Stockholm County.

If you have already received a vaccine against Covid-19, you can ignore this letter.      

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