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Stricter guidelines is issued until 13:th of December

From the County of Stockholm 


From The Public Health Agency of Sweden

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Testing for Covid-19

If you are having symptoms of Covid-19, you can now make an appointment for testing (PCR test). You book here on the website. 1177 via telephone cannot help you with appointments. Those who have been free of symptoms for more than 14 days and wants to know if they have had Covid-19 now also have the possibility of scheduling an antibody test.

Here is an instruction on how to take a test in the throat, nose and saliva. 

Note that during a transition period, there are two different ways to take the sample. The second way, the sample is taken only in the throat.

Testing for those who are ill

If you believe that you have Covid-19, you can schedule a PCR test to find out if you have an ongoing infection. To ensure that as many people as possible can get tested, we ask that only those who are ill with symptoms make an appointment for testing. This information tells you what to do.

A PCR test shows the presence of virus in your airways, and it is taken when you have a cough, sore throat, loss of smell and taste or another symptom that could be indicative of Covid-19. 


  1. Start by downloading the app “Alltid öppet” (Always open) to your smartphone or pad from Appstore of Google Play. In the app, click on “Testing for Covid-19”.
  2. You will now answer a few questions and then you receive a code/order key. Save the code.
  3. Click on the link to and select “Erbjudande om provtagning” (Offer for testing) and follow the instructions.
  4. You will now either:
    - be able to order a testing kit sent to your home (Note! Only available for those over 13 years. Road access is necessary)
    - schedule an appointment to go by car to a mobile testing station to take the test.

These tests is free of charge if you live, work or stay in Stockholm County.

In order to avoid contagion, it is important that you do not meet anyone else when you have symptoms of Covid-19. For this reason, we offer testing in various locations where it is possible to maintain distance.

How is the testing done?

A PRC test is usually taken from the nose and into the pharynx using a swab designed to catch viruses and bacteria. The test can be carried out in one of two ways:

  • You receive a testing kit sent to your home, you take the sample yourself and it is then picked up. You will receive instructions on how this will happen.
  • You go by car to a mobile testing station, where you are given a testing kit and take the sample on site.

What do I do if I have no BankID or a protected identity?

If you are a citizen in Stockholm County, but do not have BankID, a personal identity number or your identity is protected, you can contact your health centre for help.

What about children?

For children under the age of 13 years it is not possible to order home testing kits. Instead, you can schedule an appointment for testing at a mobile testing station. In that case, the child’s guardian takes the sample from the child. One alternative is to contact your health centre, and they will then refer you to a location where the child can be tested.

If you choose the alternative of going to a mobile testing station, you need to act as the representative of your child, both in the Alltid Öppet app (if you schedule there) and on

This is what to do to become a representative in Alltid Öppet:

  1. Click on “Seek care for your child” in the app.
  2. Click on “Seek care for your child” in the app Alltid Öppet to switch to representative mode.
  3. Select “Testing for Covid-19” and then “Testing for Covid-19 for children”.

N.B. When you then log into, you need to change to representative mode there too. More instructions are found here. There is thus no link between the logins in Alltid Öppet and

Children over the age of 13 years need their own BankID, to schedule their own testing at a mobile testing station or to order an at-home test. You can also contact your health centre to be referred to a testing location where you can get tested.

How do I receive the results?

The results usually come within a week, but it may take longer depending on the number of samples taken within the health service. You will receive a text message when your results are available and you log in to to view them.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about testing here. (In swedish)

Testing for those who have been free of symptoms for 14 days

It is now possible to schedule an antibody test to find out if you have previously had a Covid-19 infection. An antibody test can show if you have developed antibodies. Antibodies likely give you a certain protection against another Covid-19 infection in the near future.

An antibody test can be taken by anyone who has had possible symptoms of Covid-19 previously this year. You need to wait for at least 14 days after you are completely free of symptoms before taking the test to ensure that measurable antibodies have had time to form. The test is free of charge.

Antibody test at over 80 laboratories around Stockholm County

The following antibody tests can be taken by anyone over the age of 15 years and are carried out by, Kry, Synlab, Unilabs and Karolinska University Laboratory.


  1. Click on “Schedule testing” below. You need BankID.
  2. Select “Offer of testing”.
  3. Find an available appointment with one of the laboratories and schedule a test.
  4. You will receive a text message when your test results are ready and you then log in to to see your results.   


N.B. The testing procedure is in Swedish. Link not working? Try opening the page in a different browser, such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Do you have any questions or need help?

For medical advice and healthcare guidance, call 1177

Please note that the nurses who answer cannot help you with questions about your own test management. Neither in terms of questions or matters relating to booking, referrals, test results or help reading your medical records. 

More answers to common questions

Positive test result for Covid-19? Information of what you need to do.

When your test results show that you have an ongoing infection caused by covid-19, it is important that you stay home in order not to infect others. You must also comply with the Communicable Diseases Act in the following way.

When your test shows that you have an ongoing infection caused by covid-19, you need to stay home for at least seven days from when you first got symptoms, have been fever-free for 48 hours and until you generally feel better. You are then considered to no longer be contagious.

There's no reason to take a new test to see if you are no longer contaigious or for other reasons. The test result can be positive for a long time even though you are not considered contagious.

During this time, you must:

  • not go to work or school
  • avoid meeting other people than those you live with
  • not go to shops or travel by public transport
  • comply with special hygiene routines: be careful to wash your hands frequently, use a separate towel and cough into your arm or into a tissue. 
  • notify staff of your infection when you seek care.
  • Read the rules you must adhere to according to the Communicable Diseases Act.

Do this immediately

If you have an ongoing Covid-19 infection, you must also contribute to tracing the infection in accordance with the Communicable Diseases Act. The most important aspect is to inform anyone you may have infected.  You therefore immediately need to do the following:

  1. Consider which people you have been in close contact with during the period you have already been contagious, i.e. from 24 hours before you first started feeling ill and having symptoms of Covid-19 until now. This applies to people you live with, people who have visited you or that you have visited during the period in question. It also applies to friends that you have been socialising with elsewhere and colleagues that you have been near, for example if you have been sitting next to them. If you may have exposed other people than colleagues at your workplace (for example students, patients or customers) you shall notify your manager.
    Close contact is considered when you have met with someone for at least 15 minutes less than 2 meters apart, this also applies outside. People you live with are always considered close contacts.
  2. Call, text message or e-mail the people you have been in close contact with to inform them that they may have been exposed to infection. You can find suggestions for what to write further down.
  3. Ask them to read the following information: Information for anyone who has come into contact with a person with Covid-19 (in swedish).
  4. Inform them that they should get tested if they start having symptoms within 14 days of you seeing them and inform them that they should see as few people as possible during this period.
  5. Confirm that you have completed step 1-4 above, by using the app Alltid Öppet (downoad it if you don't already have it), and go to "Smittspårning av Covid-19". In the app you can also get more information about tracing.

Please note that you may be contacted by phone by staff who work with tracing in Region Stockholm.

Suggestions for what to write

Hello! I have just learned that I have Covid-19. I am contacting you as part of tracing the infection. Since we have met recently, it is possible that you have been exposed to infection and Smittskydd Stockholm therefore recommends that you read the following information at (in Swedish though). It is also important for you to get tested if you have or develop any symptoms.

Information in other languages

Patient information (Infectious diseases doctors’ information sheet, including restrictions) has also been translated into other languages. You can choose from ten different languages by clicking on the green button marked “svenska” in the top right corner of the linked page.

If you wish to discuss your test results, you can call or chat with your health centre. If your symptoms get worse, you must contact 1177 Vårdguiden by telephone. In a life-threatening situation, call 112.

Negative test result for Covid-19?

If your test results show that you do not have Covid-19, this means that you can go back to school or work when the symptoms have disappeared and you have been healthy for 48 hours. You must then continue to adhere to the authority guidelines.

Couldn´t your test be analysed or assessed?

If you get the answer that your test could not be analysed or assessed, the reason could be that the sample leaked, something happened at the laboratory or that something went wrong technically which means that the sample cannot be analysed. If you want to, you can then register for renewed testing after three days.

If the test shows antibodies

The presence of antibodies mean that you likely have some form of protection against getting the disease again. According to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, antibodies provide full or partial protection against a renewed Covid-19 for up to six months.

Can I see other people now who do not have antibodies?

Yes, if you do not have any symptoms, a positive test result means that you can socialise with other people to a greater extent, including people in risk groups or those who are 70 years of age or older.

People in risk groups can also see their loved ones to a greater extent if their test is positive for antibodies.

Can I go back to normal life if I have antibodies?

No, you must always make your own assessment based on the individual situation and continue following the recommendations to reduce the spread of infection in society:

  • Stay home if you feel ill.
  • Wash your hands regularly. When you touch things, you can get virus on your hands.
  • Maintain a distance to people outside of your social circle
  • In the workplace: Adhere to guidelines and recommendations regarding personal protection equipment and hygiene procedures within the health, medical, and social services.

Does this answer apply to all antibody tests?

An antibody test needs to have a high performance to give a reliable result. The advice on this page is for those who have tested positive for antibodies using a test that meets the performance requirements set out by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, which includes the tests booked through and Werlabs.

More questions and answers for those who have been informed of having antibodies are available here.

This information refers to Stockholm County.

If the test shows that you do not have antibodies

If your test results show that you have not developed antibodies, you shall continue to adhere to the authorities’ advice to protect yourself and others from being infected by Covid-19.

This information refers to Stockholm County.

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