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Hitta rätt vård nära dig

Stockholms läns landsting is expanding and modernising its healthcare services. This is being done so that you can find the right healthcare near you. No matter where you live. As part of the new services, närakuterna will be dealing with injuries and illnesses that previously required a visit to a hospital’s A&E department. But there are many different ways to get healthcare. Here, you can read more about what healthcare options are available and where to get help.

Beginning 1 May, the Adult Emergency Ward at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna will become the first Emergency Critical Care Centre in Sweden. The centre will only accept the most severely ill and injured patients who arrive by helicopter, ambulance, or an accepted referral. You cannot seek help there of your own accord. Call 1177 for advice and guidance. Always call 112 if the situation is life threatening.

The other six Accident and Emergency departments are open 24 hours a day as usual. The same applies to the three Paediatric Emergency Wards in the county, including the one in Solna. For injuries and illnesses that cannot wait,local emergency clinics are open for both children and adults from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day of the week.

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Many different places

When you, or someone in your family, become ill, it is reassuring to know that healthcare is always available near you. The care that you require will depend on how serious your injury or illness is. 

Sometimes, you may need healthcare and treatment for very serious injuries and illnesses. Sometimes, you can take care of yourself at home after getting self-care advice from a nurse. There are many different places that can provide you with healthcare. All clinics have trained specialists. 

If you do not know what kind of healthcare you require, please call 1177. You can receive help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If it is an emergency and you require immediate care, please call 112. You can receive help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Here, you can read about how the healthcare system works, and get help finding the right care.

1177 Vårdguiden

1177 Vårdguiden offers medical advice, and helps you to find the right healthcare 24 hours a day.

Advice via telephone

You can call 1177 and speak to a nurse, who will be able to give you advice about illnesses and health. Sometimes, the nurse may say that you can treat your condition on your own. The nurse will also be able to help you find the healthcare that you need. You can read more in Swedish about how healthcare works and where to receive healthcare on

E-services (E-tjänster) in Swedish

You can view your medical records and order aids through 1177 Vårdguiden’s e-services (e-tjänster). You can also book appointments and renew prescriptions online. Your medical records contain information about the care and treatments that you have received, etc. The e-services on are only available in Swedish.  

Log in with your e-legitimation, or by using a password and SMS. If you need help, you can call 0770 72 00 00, or visit for more information.


Vårdcentralen is the healthcare clinic closest to you when you need to see a doctor or nurse. In Stockholm County, there are over 200 vårdcentraler with medical specialists in common illnesses.

You can go to the vårdcentral if you, for example, have:

  • a high fever
  • a urinary tract infection 
  • minor wounds
  • a skin rash or skin infection 

Open: Monday–Friday 8am–5pm.


Husläkarjouren is a vårdcentral that is open evenings and weekends. Here, you can receive medical care that requires attention before your local vårdcentral opens. There are 13 husläkarjourer available, and you are welcome to visit any of them. Husläkarjourerna will admit children over the age of 6 months.

Open: Monday–Friday 5pm–10pm, Saturday–Sunday 8am–10pm

Home visits by on-call doctors (Jourläkarbilar)

Jourläkarbilarna are available evenings, nights and weekends for those who require urgent care but have difficulty in getting to a clinic. Call 1177 to speak to a nurse, who will decide whether you require a home visit from an on-call doctor. 


Clinics for children and young people are called BUMM. Here, there are paediatricians and paediatric nurses. Children aged 0–1 years can be seen by a paediatrician on the same day that the appointment is made. There are 40 BUMM clinics in the county.

Open: Monday–Friday 8am–5pm


Närakuten is for injuries and illnesses that require immediate care. You can receive ambulance transport to närakuten, or come on your own. Here, you can receive care for many of the injuries and illnesses that were previously treated at a hospital’s A&E department. 
You can go to närakuten if you, for example, have: 

  • stomach pain
  • an acute allergic reaction
  • severe wounds 
  • concussion
  • If you think you may have broken your arm or leg. 
  • If you think you may have a blood clot in your leg.  

All närakuter have:

  • X-ray equipment and laboratories for samples. 
  • Specially trained staff who are able to care for children, adults and the elderly. 
  • In 2018, 10 new närakuter will be opened in Stockholm County. 
  • Närakuterna admit children from the age of 0 years.

Open: every day 8am–10pm

Emergency department at the hospital (akutmottagning) 

Akutmottagningar in hospitals are for adults with very serious illnesses and injuries. Akutmottagningen is open 24 hours a day.
You can go to akutmottagningen if you, for example, have:

  • chest pain
  • breathing problems 
  • head injuries  

At akutmottagningen, the most seriously ill people are given priority. You may have to wait longer if your condition is less serious. Sometimes, you may be sent to another clinic if you can receive better care there. 

A&E departments in Stockholm County

  • Danderyds sjukhus
  • Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Huddinge
  • Norrtälje sjukhus
  • S:t Görans sjukhus
  • Södersjukhuset
  • Södertälje sjukhus 

Always call 112 if you believe the condition to be life-threatening. 

Children's emergency room (barnakut) at the hospital

Barnakuterna in hospitals are for children and young people aged 0–17 years, who have a serious illness and require immediate care. 

Children can go to barnakuten if they, for example, have:

  • breathing problems 
  • cramps             

Barnakuter in Stockholm County    

  • Sachsska barn- och ungdomssjukhuset in Södermalm
  • Astrid Lindgrens barnsjukhus in Solna
  • Astrid Lindgrens barnsjukhus in Huddinge

Call 1177 before you go to a barnakut.

Other akutmottagningar

Acute illnesses related to psychiatry (psykiatri), substance dependency (beroendevård), eyes, gynaecology and dental care have their own akutmottagningar. These all have different opening hours. Call 1177 to get the address and opening hours for the right clinic.

A psychiatric illness means that a person is feeling mentally unstable and needs help with their thoughts and feelings. Treatment for substance dependency is available for people who are addicted to, for example, alcohol or drugs. Gynaecology deals with illnesses related to the female reproductive system. 

Psychiatric outpatient clinic (Psykiatrisk öppenvårdsmottagning)

Psychiatric care is available for adults every day, between 8am–10pm, at eight different clinics. In Stockholms län, there are 18 psychiatric clinics for children, called BUP. 
Open: regular working hours, Monday–Friday.

Healthcare fees

Children 0–17 years: free of charge, except at barnakuten where the fee is SEK 120.

Adults 18–84 years:

  • Vårdcentral/husläkarjour/on-call doctor (jourläkare): SEK 200
  • Närakuter: SEK 200 (additional fee for a home visit with jourläkarbil: SEK 100)
  • Akutmottagning at the hospital: SEK 400
  • Psychiatric clinic (Psykiatrisk mottagning): SEK 350

Adults 85+ years: free of charge


Malin Erlingson, 1177 Vårdguiden, Stockholms län


Ulrika Borgelin Stoltz, Hälso- och sjukvårdsförvaltningen, Stockholms läns landsting