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1177 Vårdguiden – Healthcare Guide 1177

Healthcare Guide 1177 consists of information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare. 1177 is the number for joint services provided to the general public by the county councils and regions. The Healthcare Guide 1177 services build upon a common quality-assured medical database and comprise healthcare advice via telephone and Internet. In this manner, the general public is assured consistent, uniform advice.

Healthcare Guide online,, is Sweden's national hub for advice, information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare.

You can read about diseases, treatments, rules and rights. Here, you can also find and compare health clinics and use e-services to contact the healthcare services, request, cancel, or reschedule appointments or refill prescriptions.

All of the content on the Healthcare Guide 1177 is quality assured together with experts from healthcare throughout Sweden. All information transfer is protected (encrypted) and meets public health system standards for security and confidentiality.

The website is free from commercial interests and is owned by all county councils and regions. has around 12 million visitors per month. In 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2018 the website received awards as Sweden’s best public site.

The general public is welcome to call 1177 for healthcare advice twenty-four hours a day, year-round, all over Sweden. Advisement nurses at 1177 Heathcare Guide by phone answer questions, determine the need for further care, provide advice and/or recommend other healthcare agencies.

Every county council/region conducts healthcare advisement on its own or through contracted advisement providers. Through a national network, healthcare advisement providers can cooperate should the need arise. Around 500 000 people call 1177 per month. 

Two useful tools for healthcare professionals are connected to Healthcare Guide 1177 by phone­­­­ ­– the Decision Support System and a website, the Decision Support Web. They are based upon the same medical content as

The Decision Support System is a working tool for advisement nurses who work with Healthcare Guide 1177. It contains integrated telephone, medical information and documentation.

The services offered through Healthcare Guide 1177 are a part of the healthcare in the county councils/regions and provide the general public an additional opportunity for in-depth information and/or contact with the health care system. 

The goal of Healthcare Guide 1177 is to increase access to healthcare, strengthen the position of the patient and contribute to improved public health.

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